► note: this story was first published on 2nd of December 2020 ◄

Some people speculate that the liquidator is randomly delaying the process because he can rack up bills this way 👉🏻 fact is: he has to follow strict procedures, and he also has to make all cost and expenses transparent.

Another speculation is that civil lawsuits filed by investors have delaying…

The official FINMA decree (Verfügung) from the Swiss Envion AG and the follow-up investigation report (Untersuchungsbericht) by GHR lawyers from Switzerland, both dating back to the years 2018/19, have been leaked.

[ intro ]

We got hold on some internal documents from FINMA investigation and the court cases. The documents…

note: this story was first published on 21st of April 2020

It’s been a while since our last article. You might think that nothing really has changed since then but the opposite is true. We are indeed talking about Envion, the fallen ICO star of 2017 and the…


We are an independent watchdog of Envion led by a group of concerned investors, exposing unethical and potentially illegal actions of Envion's internal parties.

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