Envion liquidation: Investors, file your claims now!

note: this story was first published on 26th of October 2019

This is the day we’ve been waiting for. It has been almost 2 years now, since the disastrous ICO, done by some hipsters with hoodies. The light is visible at the end of the tunnel now. This means we are at the final stretch of getting our hard earned money back. Yes, it’s pay time. This process may take some time and the first step is to file your claims at the official Envion liquidator: http://www.envion-konkurs.ch. You have 1 month, until 28th of November 2019, to complete the step-by-step guide. Make sure to be a part of the liquidation process, regardless if you are a ICO buyer of tokens or if you purchased them on secondary markets (exchanges).

Important: the claims process does not indicate any validity of your claim. This is performed by the liquidator, at his office. We would like to remain neutral and not speculate too much. The registration requirements can be completed by following these easy steps:

  1. Register via portal (portal.envion-konkurs.ch)
  2. Fill out your personal data
  3. Upload photo of your passport or identification card
  4. Fill out the claim
  5. Generate a PDF and download it
  6. Sign the signature area on the PDF
  7. Upload the signed PDF (electronically or by hand > scan it and upload the new PDF)
  8. You will then be presented with a new ERC20 address as to where you have to send the EVN tokens. During this step, you can also choose the option, if you have no access to them.
  9. Your claim, upon completion will then be under review.

You are set and done for the moment. Now the waiting begins as all claims must be collected and reviewed. On a later date, liquidator will make an announcement for the next steps.

In remembrance of Envion

We believe, that you may agree that it’s been a wild ride and somethings remain unclear. For instance, what happened in the machine room of our “Lady of the Seas” ship full with MMUs with the name Envion AG? Multiple collisions happened but we embarked the sinking ship. The rescue of the funds was only only possible due to the various involvements by the authorities, journalists and us, the investors. The smoke still pours from the ship but lawyers, prosecutors and judges are working on this. As well as bankruptcy authorities. This ride is not over quite yet.

What about the founders?

Trado is fighting on all fronts. Trado is fighting on all fronts. Our article from April 2019 (link), shows them playing dirty. Smoke screen and delays everywhere. This is a pattern everyone knows about. Even the liquidator was forced to present a statement about this ominous LUP program that attempts to lure you into signing a PoA (Power of Attorney) that no one needs. It complicates things, over extends the process but most importantly, it gives the founders a free ticket to influencing the outcome of the liquidation. This means they will receive a large chunk of the funds remaining. That’s why marketing is key to their success.

In fact: We all would like to break even. If founders really would have fairness in mind, they would not try to jump the queue, instead they would wait in line like we all do. Don’t you think so?

Yes, the marketing bombardment continues. Trado, with their marketing outlet NAIMA, is pushing on the public with screams and euphoric press releases about a raid. Allegedly, the raid occurred in the homes of the shareholder, Thomas van Aubel and the former CEO of Envion, Mathis Woestmann. It was well planned to release this piece of information, immediately before the liquidation commenced. Several other press outlets took over and started to bring copies of this article. This way, the information could/does spread around the world. It connotes a (non) existing importance. Perhaps, there was a raid, it could be. Perhaps, it occurred to secure various pieces of evidence such as e-mails. In addition, time information was not provided as to when the raid occurred. It could of occurred in the beginning of the year. Who knows. It reads as if it happened a couple of days ago. In fact it did not. It was carefully planned to plant the release of this piece of information immediately before the start of the liquidation.

telegram comment by Trado communication staffer

The mentioned press release was picked up by Capital Press, known to be particularly close to the founders. The publication was done by a small subsidiary of the German News Magazine Capital, financefwd.com. No one ever heard of them. This outlet however, has no relevance. Adding to the humour, South African “journalists” happily picked up the story and also released it. It is believed that South Africa has other problems: https://www.thesouthafrican.com/cryptocurrencies/envion-ag-offices-of-matthias-woestmann-and-thomas-van-aubel-raided/
Have you read the most important phrase in it? Here, it is: “Investigators also didn’t clarify whether the raids meant there was a charge of guilt or innocence in the case.”?

Well said.

What seems much more important, are the key issues that the press release didn’t mention. Such as the FINMA findings and why the company was dissolved. The press release is also hiding the fact, that there are still huge amounts of Crypto, still withheld by Michael Luckow (Trado) in the 500 BTC and approximate 10000 ETH range. No reasons have been given as to why those assets are not in Envion’s possession. Those assets belong to Envion and not to Michael Luckow. Let’s be very clear about this. On what basis are those assets still in the possesion of a 3rd party and not transferred to Envion? Holding those assets hostage, after 18 months after collecting them, has criminal aspects to it. Does Michael Luckow need a well deserved prompting by a German prosecutor to finally transfer those funds? Does Michael Luckow think that this claim, worth multi millions, get possibly dropped at the creditors meeting?

Email SPAM by Trado GmbH

Have you lately received an Email by Trado? Well, you might ask yourself how is this possible? How can Trado have access to your personal data collected once by Envion?

It appears that Trado uses, without any permission, the ICO investor databases which they still have in their possession, but which belongs to Envion only. This is a clear violation of strict German privacy and data protection laws (DSGVO). Further, the presentation, colors and text of the email are clearly designed to deceive investors into thinking this is official communication by Envion, and that the LUP is part of the official liquidation program. The Email and the content is in violation of a standing court order against Trado to refrain from pretending to be official spokesperson of Envion.

If you have concerns about the misuse, write an Email to mailbox@datenschutz-berlin.de! We will inform the authorities and the liquidator accordingly.

Investors are very tired of the games but we won’t let up! This fight is over only when everything is said and done. We want complete transparency. The founders owe the investors the total truth and everything must be brought to the liquidator’s table. We don’t need any manipulation or influence there, from any of the involved parties. No LUP, no problem.

One last comment on our own behalf

If you have progressed into this article up to this point, then we’d like to reward your endurance. We have a little surprise for you. Well, actually it a real bomb and we are planning to ignite it, soon. Give us a little bit of time, you won’t be disappointed.

Stay tuned …

liquidation ahead

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